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Our Promise

We Create Brands, Not Just Websites

We dream of a digital environment where brands are able to tell their stories to the world & connect with their audience on a deeper, more insightful level. Our core idea of doing business is designed to touch upon basic, human elements & emotions that move potential audiences and stakeholders on the deepest possible level.

At Digitales Media, we believe in creating brands, not just websites. Our team of professionals knows how to tell captivating stories that engage your audience and build your brand’s reputation. We are the perfect partner for businesses who want to expand their reach and take their online presence to the next level.

Board of Directors

Learn about the experienced and diverse members of our Board of Directors who provide strategic leadership and oversight to our organization.

Execution Team

The Execution Team is a crucial aspect of any project, ensuring that tasks are completed efficiently and effectively.

Our Team - Ritesh Kumar

Ritesh Kumar

Founder and Director

Content Marketing, Social Media
Technology, SEO, SEM, Media Buying
Business Management

Ankita Sinha

Director - Cybersecurity

Cyber Regulatory Compliance
Process Audit (CISA)

Vibha Gosher

Director - India

Business Management
Creative, Product Management
Team & Stakeholder Management

Ankita Kanth

Cyberseurity Specialist

Cyber Resilience
Gap & Maturity Assessments